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Hormone Health Course


Course Goals

    • Educate people about the different hormones and how they affect your health
    • Discuss hormone mimickers and how they disrupt hormone balance in your life
    • Live a cleaner and better life


Section 1: Start Here:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction – Who is Dr. Meaghan Kirschling and why should you take this course
  • Lecture 2: How to navigate this course. Tips and Tricks. Take notes-ask questions have fun
  • Lecture 3: What this course is not! You are not under medical care with Dr. Meaghan.

Section 2: Hormone and Endocrine Disruptors:

Describe what is a hormone and how endocrine disruptors affect normal hormone balance

  • Lecture 4: Endocrine Disruptors. All you need to know about Endocrine Disruptors. Have fun!
  • Lecture 5: Lower Estrogen Naturally Part 1. This is a very powerful course.
  • Lecture 6: Lower Estrogen Naturally Part 2. What you need to know!
  • Lecture 7: Lower Estrogen Naturally Part 3. The more you know, they better you will feel!
  • Lecture 8: Hormone Detoxification Part 1. Will you Detox, after this course?
  • Lecture 9: Hormone Detoxification Part 2. Will you Detox, after this course?
  • Quiz 1: Hormone Balance and Detoxification

Section 3: The Dirty Dozen. Everything You Want To Know About “The Dirty Dozen”

  • Lecture 10: BPA: Bisphenol A. BPA, what to watch for, what you need to know. BPA breakdown!
  • Lecture 11: Atrazine. After you learn about Atrazine, you will want to watch this again!
  • Lecture 12: Phthalates, Everything you need to know. Be aware, the more you know will help!
  • Lecture 13: Glycol Ethers, know what you are bringing into your house. Glycol Ethers, Enjoy!
  • Lecture 14: Organophosphate Pesticides, what you need to know. These are everywhere!
  • Lecture 15: Dioxins, How we are exposed. The more you know. Dioxins, know the truth!
  • Lecture 16: Fire Retardants, what you need to know and how to protect your family!
  • Lecture 17: PFC’s, You need to pay attention to this lecture, you can limit your exposure!
  • Lecture 18: Lead, Arsenic, and Mercury. Time to go back to science with the Periodic Table!
  • Lecture 19: Perchlorate, limit your exposure, the truth and what you can do about it!
  • Quiz 2: Dirty Dozen Review

 Section 4: Conclusion

Thanks so much for taking the course. Please provide any feedback to us. Feel free to visit with any questions and to find out more about health and nutrition

  • Lecture 20: Thank You For Taking Our Course! Keep an eye out for future lectures.